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5 Steps to introduce Spanish with music


You don’t need to speak Spanish to introduce it to your child and spark the interest on a language that can open the doors to a lifetime of opportunity.


By Ana Calabrese 

One of the most frequent questions from parents that are not bilingual in Spanish, but want their kids to learn this international language, and help them become bilingual, is how they can introduce the language, how to start.


I have read on social media all kinds of suggestions, from switching Netflix to Spanish and watching YouTube videos, to enrolling them in an immersion program, hiring a private tutor, getting an au pair, or going on vacation to countries where the language is spoken.


Of course all of them are good options, if only immersion schools were popular everywhere and any family would have the chance to enroll their kids in one, if only hiring an au pair were an affordable and viable option for more than a few, or if only taking an international vacation was in the budget for the average middle class family. About the screen time, I have heard it works for some people. However, I tried to introduce a new language to my children in that way and it did not work that well.


I am glad to know that there are families out there that can do all this or more to help their kids become bilingual, however, I believe that every child, despite the background or economic status of the family, should have the opportunity to at least be exposed to the basic benefits of bilingualism, and for that you might not need more than your phone in the very beginning.


I am not saying that you won’t need to make some investment, interact with native speakers at some point, or take lessons. But to introduce a language to your child, to spark the Spanish and engage them, you mostly need to introduce it in a fun way and be present.


And those two elements go hand-in-hand with MUSIC!


Yes! As simple as it sounds, songs are powerful and fun enough (if you choose the right product) to introduce your child to the rhythm and the form of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Also music ignites the emotional component that is key for language learning.


But choosing music for kids in a different language than your native language could be challenging, especially when there are hundreds of options available. Check out our Spotify playlists including various artists.


So, here are some simple steps to use the power of music to spark the Spanish in your child:

5 tipsforspanishsongs.png