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Accents tell a story: the story of our parents, our heritage, the place we grew up in, and the traditions and cultures that define us, that shape our identity and enrich our values and believes. An accent is not only about language and nationality... 


With so much information about raising bilingual kids and guides for the best practices, the essence of basic family routines could get lost in the pursuit of perfection.

- Are you overthinking how to read to your bilingual child? ... read here

- Just read to your here


Whether you are looking for general information on raising bilingual kids, tips for homeschooling a bilingual child, information on language confusion or tips to improve your child’s Spanish, there should be some helpful podcast episodes here that will spark your interest.


Choosing Spanish music for my bilingual kids


Tips to build your own playlist on Spotify 

3 playlists on Spotify with over 100 family friendly songs in Spanish


With 21 countries adding their own particularities to the language, students deserve to be taught with a global and international approach to the Spanish language. Learn how to use songs to encourage awareness of these varieties.


So if you are really serious about introducing a new language to your child, please take into account the following before turning on YouTube...


"...If there were no Spanish resources, we were going to facilitate some of them and share our gift with others. In that way we could also get to know people that appreciate other cultures and languages, whether they were bilingual or not."

I hear you!

Raising bilingual children is challenging, but how far are you willing to go in order to get your child to speak in the minority language? (Also in Spanish)


Esta es una de las preocupaciones más comunes de los padres criando hijos bilingües en español.

Oprime en read more para encontrar links a recursos con la mejor información en español al respecto. También puedes seguirme en IG @anacalabrese_enespanol

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Short, educational, and interactive songs to help you introduce your students to basic Spanish while having fun moving, imitating,

 and repeating words, phrases, and sounds in Spanish.

Download the lyrics here!

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NEW mini-books templates for the song "Animales"!

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