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My name is Ana, I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, currently promoting the advantages of an early introduction to bilingualism in California. Those same advantages that once took my career as a PR Professional to the next level, I believe can give any child the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in a multilingual society.


Spanish Plus Me is simply about helping children to spark the Spanish and connect with the language through singing, moving, and having fun.


When I first attempted to introduce Spanish to a group of children, the first challenge I faced was song selection. I decided then to start composing my own songs to teach Spanish with the length, amount of vocabulary, and movement component that I wanted to make the class fun and interactive.

I hope my songs in the album Short + Fun Spanish Beats, will help you introduce your children or students to the second most widely spoken language in the world.

To learn more about my journey raising bilingual kids in Spanish, check out my published articles, or follow me on Instagram @anacalabrese_spm and in Spanish at @anacalabrese_enespanol


Download the song lyrics  with translations to English, French and Portuguese!

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Tips for parents raising bilingual kids!

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