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Songs to spark

the Spanish

Short, educational, and interactive Spanish songs for kids to help you introduce your children or students to basic Spanish vocabulary while having fun moving, imitating,

 and repeating words, phrases, and sounds in Spanish.


Download the song  lyrics here!

Resources and fun activities for Spanish teachers!

Get the most out of each song with the Tips and activities guides!


All songs and music written by Ana Maria Calabrese

All arrangements and music production by Moises Herrera

© 2018 Ana Maria Calabrese 

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Check out our curated playlists on Spotify  to boost Spanish


NEW mini-books templates for the song "Animales"!


Version for teachers and additional Spanish worksheets at Teachers Pay Teachers 

Remember that the most important part of using music to teach Spanish to your child, it's to use it to connect with them by singing, dancing and having fun together.

Have fun with our children's songs to learn the vowels in Spanish, the days of the week, body parts, greetings, animals, transportation, colors, or songs in Spanish to celebrate Earth Day and diversity, among others. 

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