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In each guide (2-4 pages) you will find tips on how to get the most out of each song.  Easily identify key vocabulary, interactive components, and learn basic grammar

Aditional activities to use  at

  • Basic vocabulary 

  • In some cases additional vocabulary related with the theme of the song 

  • In this section of the guide I will share with you a description of the movements and activities I use with the songs in my classes to engage the children, add movement, and make it more fun!

  • Identify basic grammar elements 

  • Cultural variations (Some words in Spanish may vary per country; Spanish has official status in 21 countries)

  • General interesting Spanish data

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Include the name of the song that you would like the Tips and Grammar Guides for

Prior purchase of songs required to download more than one guide. 

Your guides are on their way! Please allow 24 hours to receive them in your inbox.

Available for the following songs:

  • Manos y brazos / Hands and arms 

  • Buenos días/ Good morning

  • De paseo / On a trip

  • Animales / Animals

  • Siete días / Seven days

  • A E I O U

  • Thank you / Gracias

  • Lluvia, sol, viento y luna / Rain, sun, wind, and moon


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