When it comes to language learning, music is key to add exposure to the language, introduce new vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and keep children engaged and motivated, among other benefits.

However, finding appropriate songs for your specific needs might be tricky. Not all children's music is helpful when you are just trying to teach them the basics. Children's music is not the only genre you need to add exposure to Spanish through music, especially if you have older children at home or if you are learning along with them.

Here are some playlists on Spotify that I have created for you to explore different artists, find your favorites songs, and hopefully get inspired to create your own playlist to spark the Spanish. All songs included are clean songs, and most promote positive messages. The nursery rhymes in Spanish and songs to introduce basic vocabulary have been carefully curated to offer you options that are simple, easy, fun and short.  Check out my article about how to choose music for a bilingual child and tips to build your own one.

Little learners

Theme songs to introduce basic vocabulary and encourage movement activities. Authentic Spanish songs. Not nursery rhymes.


Popular artists and music styles for all ages. Clean songs with positive or kid friendly themes.

Nursery Rhymes

Some traditional nursery rhymes from Spanish speaking countries, and Spanish versions of some popular international nursery rhymes. 


Upbeat songs. New artists. Spanish and bilingual songs. Next step up after playlist "Little learners"


Contemporary songs. Clean and fun. Positive messages, minimal romantic content.


Traditional Villancicos, Spanish versions of some traditional Christmas Carols. Popular Christmas songs.


Short, educational, and interactive songs to help you introduce your children or students to basic Spanish while having fun moving, imitating,

 and repeating words, phrases, and sounds in Spanish.

Download the lyrics here!

NEW mini-books templates for the song "Animales"!


Ideas for teachers!