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Spanish for toddlers

I am sharing bellow a list of few handy links for parents looking for resources in Spanish to introduce or add exposure to Spanish to toddlers. These are direct links to the resources (Free or paid) or other websites and blogs offering a good selection of resources to teach Spanish to children. List for older kids here.

In this list: Music - TV shows - Audiobooks - Coloring pages & activities - Apps - Games - Resources for parents 


One of the best ways to introduce a new language to young children and also keep them engaged is by using music.  Here  you will find some Spotify playlists and YouTube channels to use  the power of music to teach Spanish to your child.


Spotify playlists (Spanish songs for toddlers)

- Traditional and new children's music in Spanish: (Theme songs to introduce basic vocabulary and transitions, easy nursery rhymes, preschool songs, songs for older kids,   Mix of English and Spanish songs for English only speaking families introducing Spanish)

*If the direct link to Spotify doesn't work on your desktop please click here


Music channels for preschoolers​​

Some songs in Spanish to dance with your child​

Music albums on YouTube for Spanish learners


TV shows and educational YouTube Channels

Remember not to leave your child unattended especially while using YouTube and take the necessary precautions to ensure that they are not exposed to inappropriate ad content. (5 ways to make YouTube safer for kids)

Audiobook options

Coloring pages, tips, and activities



Games (Online)

Resources for parents 

Music-toddlers list
Tv shows toddler list
Audiobooks toddler list
Coloring toddles list
apps toddlers list
Games toddlers list
resources parents toddlers list

Find short songs  to introduce basic Spanish here !

Download the lyrics with translations to English, Portuguese and French here!

Ideas for Spanish teachers!


Playlists on Spotify to boost Spanish!

  • Spotify Spanish Plus Me
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