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Songs and resources to spark the Spanish

Easy, short and fun songs

in Spanish for kids 

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A list of the songs in the album Short + Fun Spanish Beats categorized by:

The song lyrics in the album Short + Fun Spanish Beats have been translated by native speakers to:

 English, Portuguese (Brazil) and French

Use them at



Teach Spanish basic vocabulary in context, promote movement in the classroom, and add fun activities to your Spanish classes online or at school.

Find here resources for Spanish teachers



Short  and easy songs in Spanish for kids, that can help you add movement and fun to a bilingual story time or Spanish story time.

Find here resources and best practices to read to bilingual kids or host a bilingual story time



Children's songs to learn Spanish together, connect with your children while singing in Spanish, and give them the bilingual advantage.

Find here resources and playlists to use the power of music to teach Spanish at home


Spanish Plus Me is all about helping children to spark the Spanish and connect with the language through singing, moving, and having fun. We provide parents raising bilingual kids and Spanish teachers, with resources and children's songs in Spanish that have being created to help them to introduce and teach the language using movement, repetition and vocabulary in context.

My name is Ana. I was born and raised in Colombia by parents that really believed in the advantages of being bilingual. After using the benefits of this gift as a professional in Public Relations, I am now dedicated to promoting bilingualism in my community, while raising bilingual children in our bicultural family in California.


I composed the songs in the album Short + Fun Spanish Beats, for children learning Spanish to have fun while imitating and repeating words, phrases, and sounds, as well as keeping them actively moving while singing to the beats of catchy and high quality music for kids. I created this website to provide, as well, additional resources for parents raising bilingual kids and offer some fun activities for teachers that believe in the power of music to teach languages.

Music has been my teaching tool to keep my students engaged and offer them memorable and movement-filled learning experiences, as well as one of the best ways to keep my bilingual kids interested on learning more Spanish and have access to cultural and language diversity.


I hope my songs will do the same for you as you introduce your children or students to the second most widely spoken language in the world.

To learn more about my journey raising bilingual kids and my bilingual parenting approach click here or follow me on Instagram @anacalabrese_spm or in Spanish at @anacalabrese_enespanol and @reddeapoyo_crianzabilingue


Download the song lyrics here!

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