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The power of music in the classroom

Find here a compilation of the best resources to help Spanish teachers get the best out of music to boost their students' language skills and keep them engaged. 

I don't receive any compensation for sharing the following links.

Radio Show
Podcast Episodes

Tips from seasoned teachers

4 key episodes with research, ideas, activities and insights that can be adapted and used with different age groups

Working from Home

Articles and


Step by step guides and bullet point lists with ideas and tips to use music in the classroom, including ideas to use music to introduce Spanish variations

DJ Mixing

By age group

& various artists

Links to the best selections of playlists to use in the classroom or share with parents to use spanish songs to add exposure at home

Podcast Episodes

Music and Bilingualism by Entredos Podcast

Great episode to learn about the connection between musicality and language learning and how music can be an effective tool to teach languages. This is a conversation with Dr. Susanne Reiterer, associate professor at the Faculty of Philology and Cultural Studies and the Center for Teacher Education in the University of Vienna, and Will Stroet, an award-winning multilingual children’s music singer-songwriter and educator based in Vancouver.

Music with Allison Wienhold by Inspired Proficiency Podcast

Allison from Mis Clases Locas shares her insights on using music to keep her students engaged and the importance of knowing your group of students to choose the correct song and activities. 

Engaging activities for songs and stories with Kara Jacobs  by Inspired Proficiency Podcast

Kara Jacobs shares here details on how she uses  songs to teach via stories, games with lyrics, art, gestures, dancing, and having fun.

Using Music in the Class for Language Learning by Language Latte Podcast

Becky Morales talks to Elisabeth Alvarado from Spanish Mama blog about the importance of using music in the language classroom. Find in the notes about this episode links to ideas and resources as well as research.

Articles and guides

The Magic of Music in the Early Language Classrom by teacher Glenda de Hoyos

Think of this as your essential guide on how to use music in the classroom. An easy to follow list of what to do and how to do it.

Using songs to teach Spanish: 40 ways to sing and learn by Spanish Playground 

A complete list of tips and ideas to use music to teach Spanish, plus some ideas to use short Spanish songs for kids in preschool and early grades.

How to use music to teach Spanish variations  by Spanish Plus Me

An article about the importance of teaching about Spanish variations and how music can be helpful to do it. Tips and examples.

El uso de canciones y el Input Comprensible - Rockalingua

Grabación del webinar organizado por Rockalingua y Diego Ojeda. Ofrece una introducción a los conceptos básicos del Input Comprensible (CI) e ideas prácticas para usarlo con canciones en la clase de español.  Aquí listas adicionales de canciones para diferentes edades.


Playlists to boost Spanish by Spanish Plus Me

Carefully curated to offer you 5 basic Spotify playlists of song options to work in the classroom or share with parents to:

-Introduce basic vocabulary to children and promote movement activities (upbeat and high quality music from various artists)

-Add exposure to Spanish for older children (Fun and upbeat Spanish songs from various artists with positive messages, includes bilingual songs)

-Add exposure to Spanish for the whole family  Related: How to choose music for a bilingual child

-Introduce vocabulary and add exposure for tweens and teens (Fun and contemporary songs including positive messages. Clean and minimal romance/drama)

-Start exposure to babies and toddlers with simple, melow, and basic Spanish nursery rhymes

Best Spanish songs for kids  by Spanish Playground

-A selection of songs for young children 

-Grouped by theme including links to YouTube videos

Baila Viernes by Mis Clases Locas

-YouTube playlists for upper grades

-Ideas to get older students to dance and have fun learning Spanish with music

Songs in Spanish by Spanish Mama 

-Songs on Youtube and Spotify for all ages

-Organized by theme

-YouTube playlists for upper grade students

Podcast teachers
Music guides teachers
Playlists teachers

Ideas for teachers!

Short, educational, and interactive songs to help you introduce your students to basic Spanish while having fun moving, imitating,

 and repeating words, phrases, and sounds in Spanish.


Download the lyrics here!

NEW mini-books templates for the song "Animales"!

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